LETEN Dual Vibrators Power Strong Mult Speed Massager Wand Rechargeable Waterproof adult sex toys

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Intelligent heating, 36°to 42°Intelligent temperature control

10 Pattern,Multi Speed Fit for  relaxing massage and Body Therapeutic

Dual Motor vibration, power strong multi speed vibration massager get the pressure to help in getting at neck/shoulder trigger points effectively.

Full Body Waterproof

USB Rechargeable




Packing size: 9.06 * 4.13 * 2.17"   Product size: 1.49x8.66"

Product Net Weight: 0.37KG

Motor Quantity: 2 Vibration Motor

Battery capacity: 500MAH 

Charging voltage: 5V 

Charging time: 2h

Working Time: 1-2h 

Charging line Category: USB pin 

Heating: Heating film

Material: Body-Save Silicone,No Chemical Smell

Power supply: USB charger Cable